Let’s face it, your wedding day will be like no one elses. You friends, your family, your loved ones, and all of the things that go into that day will be uniquely yours and the start of your legacy together.

That said, we’re not typical photographers.  By design, we only partner with a few couples a year. We want to be your fit not just a fit. We charge a flat rate for our wedding commissions. We won’t try to sell you an extra video package or album, but we can definitely recommend videographers, graphic designers, and photo labs that make wonderful prints. We aim to stay away from cliche, but close to timeless. In our book, quality always overwrites quantity. We do these things in the pursuit to keep our hearts and talents focused on you and the magic of your union. It also happens to be one less thing for you to fret about while shopping around for photographers, everyone wins.

Engagement sessions are $300 and wedding commissions are $3,500.

Share some details with us and we’ll get a coffee date on the books!